Oakdale Private School Curriculum


We realize that the highest priority for parents with infants is to have caring, nurturing caregivers that provide attention to your child’s needs.

Toddlers Alpha Curriculum

At Oakdale Private School, our toddlers are encouraged to develop knowledge of different colors, counting, ABC’s and listening skills.

Two-Year Old ABEKA Curriculum

Our Two-Year Old Program encourages children to develop knowledge of different shapes, color matching, counting skills, and memory recall.

Three-Year Old ABEKA Curriculum

Our 3-Year Old Program emphasizes the development of the children’s observational skills, decision-making skills, developing problem solving ability.

Pre-Kindergarten ABEKA Curriculum

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program includes curriculum goals in Phonics, Writing, and Numbers all aimed at preparing each student for Kindergarten.

Afterschool Program

Oakdale provides an Afterschool Program to our students to keep them motivated and focused. Our program combines freedom and structure in a fun, safe, and stimulating environment.