Pre Kindergarten ABEKA Curriculum

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program includes curriculum goals in Phonics, Writing, and Numbers all aimed at preparing each student for Kindergarten.

Pre-K’s Daily Schedule:


  • Name, sound, and pictures Aa-Zz
  • Blending a consonant with a vowel
  • Sounding blends and one vowel words
  • Reading circle begins
  • One vowel rule
  • Marking short vowels
  • Reading sentences
  • Two vowel rule marking long, silent, and short vowels
  • Building stories in reading
  • Reading short stories
  • Increasing smoothness and speed in reading
  • Letters learned in phonics (lower case)
  • Connecting letters (consonant vowel blends)
  • Connecting letters (blend words)
    First name
  • Begin capital letters (A-Z)
  • Counting 1-100
  • Recognizing & understanding 0-20
    Writing 1-20
  • Number family concept
  • Concept of larger and smaller
  • Before and after numbers
  • Concept of more and less
  • Combinations 1+1=2 through 9+1=10

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