Todlers Alpha Curriculum

At Oakdale Private School, our toddlers are encouraged to develop knowledge of different colors, counting, ABC’s and listening skills.

Toddlers Daily Schedule:

*Music CD’s will be playing throughout the day*

Times are flexible as Toddlers are encouraged to potty train and wash hands often. Diapers/Pull-Ups are changed every 2 hours or as needed.


  • Sorting
  • Saying numbers
  • Recognizing shapes
  • Participates in gross motor play (ex. rolls a ball)
  • Stacks blocks to make a tower
  • Follows directions
  • Listens to stories
  • Says short words and sentences
  • Learns songs, games, and nursery rhymes
  • Recognizes colors
  • Coloring/ painting
  • Manipulating small object with fingers
  • Holds writing utensil properly.
  • Washes hands independently
  • Can independently feed one’s self.
  • Interacts with toddlers and adults.
  • Recognizes and handles different feelings such as fear.
  • Chooses toys and puts them away when finished.
  • Follows rules and independently discovers and explores environment.

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