Requirements for Enrollment at Oakdale Private School

Please visit our front office for enrollment forms.

Current up to date shot records must be turned in on the first day your child attends. Immunization records will be checked before your child can start. If your child is behind on any immunizations, they will not be allowed to stay; the immunizations will need to be updated for the child to begin attending. If you are having shot records faxed to our school, we will have to receive them in advance of your child’s enrollment date. No child will be allowed to attend Oakdale without current immunization records in their file.

Health statements are required to be signed by a doctor and turned in to Oakdale within 1 week of your child’s first day of attendance.

Picture I.D. is required to enroll your child at Oakdale. Accepted forms of I.D.: Texas Driver’s License or State of Texas I.D.

If your child is being enrolled in a 3 year old–Pre-Kindergarten class, your child must be in uniform to stay. All children must have a backpack with a change of clothes to stay. Please refer to Oakdale Private School’s Policies and Procedures available in the front office or online by following the link below. Thank you!

Feel Free To Message Us Here Or Call Us At (281) 444-4547